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#123478 - 03/30/06 04:40 PM Some Items for Discussion ...
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Registered: 10/07/00
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Loc: NY, USA
Strange CF lamp. Installed in a HID looking fixture?
House service (hint - not in the US)

- LearJet9

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#123479 - 03/30/06 07:06 PM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
Hemingray Offline

Registered: 04/19/05
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Loc: Lehigh Acres, FL
not in the US? why do I see american receptacles? D:

#123480 - 03/30/06 08:10 PM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
Celtic Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
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Loc: NJ
Thwe recept.s are upside down
~~ CELTIC ~~
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#123481 - 03/30/06 11:23 PM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
Arend Offline

Registered: 05/12/04
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Loc: Joure, Friesland, The Netherla...
Looks like dutch fuseboxes to me. From the "HAF" brand.

For example:

The main switch looks like a HOLEC one, probably somewhere around 160 amps.

On top of that are 6x 35amp diazed III fuses (probably 3 phase?)

In the box in the middle you can see 5 fuses (gray-yellow-gray-blue-blue).

Gray is for 16 amp diazed II fuses
Blue for 20 amp, and Yellow for 25 amp.

Also, the 3 right breakers look like ABB/HAF too.

Funny (and weird) setup.

- Arend
bzzzzt ;-)

#123482 - 03/30/06 11:35 PM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
Texas_Ranger Offline

Registered: 12/17/01
Posts: 2349
Loc: Vienna, Austria
Really weird but interesting stuff!
The top center DIII fuse is missing the key ring, meaning fuses up to 63 amps could be used!
The three single pole breakers (maybe Siemens?) next to the 1+N breakers (a style I've never seen before) scream 3ph too!
But why on earth the NEMA 5-15 receptacles?
That stuff seems to have been abandoned and partially demolished with all those cut wires.

#123483 - 03/30/06 11:56 PM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
Alan Belson Offline

Registered: 03/23/05
Posts: 1801
Loc: Mayenne N. France
And a broken recep + Upside Down? Corrie-Iron roof? Theres a clue! Could it be Orsetrayleeah Fair-Dinkum? I can't see no bluddy flies though!!


edit the [b]

PS Second thoughts. More than 3 blades of grass between the camera and the horizon, so it could be New Zealand, they like the old corrugated tin roofing as well! But then again, I can't see no bluddy sheep!

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[This message has been edited by Alan Belson (edited 03-31-2006).]
Wood work but can't!

#123484 - 03/31/06 02:36 AM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
pauluk Offline

Registered: 08/11/01
Posts: 7693
Loc: Norfolk, England
Thwe recept.s are upside down <>

Ah, but which ones are upside down?

American receptacles, European-looking wiring. Could this be somewhere in Central/South America perhaps?

#123485 - 03/31/06 03:02 AM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
LearJet9 Offline

Registered: 04/24/05
Posts: 196
Loc: Millis, MA USA
A lot of land where several single family houses are to be built. Apparently they install the electric (underground) service in advance. (Aruba, Dutch Caribbean)
120V-60Hz. I was unable to ascertain any further info.

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#123486 - 03/31/06 04:58 AM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
mahlere Offline

Registered: 11/17/05
Posts: 514
Loc: New Jersey
The service looks fun, but the fixtures can be found here. I just haven't seen any lamps shaped like that one. All the ones I've seen here are straight tubes compact fluorescents.

Fixtures work nice though. Instant start, no ballast to change (it's in the lamp), less heat.

#123487 - 03/31/06 03:40 PM Re: Some Items for Discussion ...
mamills Offline

Registered: 11/30/01
Posts: 739
Loc: Wharton, Texas, USA
I'm guessing that there is a meter somewhere nearby...?

Mike (mamills)

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