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#122882 - 01/29/06 04:41 PM Bad CT Cabinet
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Hi, I am an Electrician in Roanoke Virginia. I have a 3 Phase 120/208 system in a building I am working on for my company. Our local Power Company subbed out another company to wire their end of the CTs. It has taken them 5 days to get this far, but I am glad they did not energize it. This is a 1600 Amp Service - my work on top, Power Company coming in on bottom. This is just unbelievable.

When the sub was confronted about what he had done he really thought he did nothing wrong and even said this is how he was taught to do it in West Virginia.

Look closely at his neutrals, and what you can't see is that in the Xfmr each pipe full of wire is made to a phase so you see B,O,Y,N in a ring here it is all made to A, or B, or C in the Xfmr. I just could not believe it.

The Power Company who had hired them made them fix it and I made them ring out the wires to make sure everything was the way it needed to be, but the guy really did not know what he was doing and as for the Power Company, they are going to question what terminations have been made all over and under the city. This guy was the lead termination guy for his crew and has done a lot of work for our Power Company.

- (no name given)

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#122883 - 01/29/06 05:18 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
JAKEE Offline
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Loc: Hardy,Va.USA
Sorry about the no name. I want to make a correction. That company has done alot of work for the local power company not just the crew doing this work.

#122884 - 01/29/06 06:14 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
Dnkldorf Offline

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(jaw hanging down in disbelief)



#122885 - 01/29/06 06:26 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
Roger Offline

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What Dnk said!!!

Jakee, welcome to the forum.


#122886 - 01/29/06 06:34 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
BigJohn Offline

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Loc: Boston, MA
Let me see if I understand this:

Each pipe containes parallels for a single phase? I.e.: first pipe, A phase. Second pipe, B phase, etc.?

And the guy terminating the cables through the CTs basically created a bunch of dead-short-circuits by connecting one cable from each phase to the same bus?

But here's the trick: Why in the world did whoever installed the cables run a neutral with each pipe? If I was the guy terminating this job, I might just as soon see that and think that each pipe was supposed to contain all three phases plus a neutral. Or were the cables and terminations all done by the same fellow?


#122887 - 01/29/06 06:40 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
frenchelectrican Offline


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the other thing the POCO did goof up major time if you look at the CT doughnuts and the wire colors if reading for metering why they go all 3 phase for each CT that will cancled the current reading very effective.

the only way to get the correct reading on CT is have each phase for CT doughnuts that way the meter will read it correct.
i am suprised how they do that

Merci. Marc
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#122888 - 01/29/06 07:09 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
Tesla Offline

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Loc: Sacramento, CA
Cute how our man jumps from high voltage colors to low voltage colors...and NO XFMR....

This priceless photo is so hairball....

It belongs forever in the ECN archive.

#122889 - 01/29/06 07:13 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
mahlere Offline

Registered: 11/17/05
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Loc: New Jersey
what kind of conduits coming in from the xfrmr? look to be rigid. Didn't think you could separate the phases in metal conduits.

#122890 - 01/29/06 08:20 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
Radar Offline

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Loc: Los Angeles, CA
why they go all 3 phase for each CT that will cancled the current reading very effective

That would be OK with me, if I were paying the power bill.
There are 10 types of people. Those who know binary, and those who don't.

#122891 - 01/29/06 08:24 PM Re: Bad CT Cabinet
electure Offline


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If there are an AØ, a BØ, and a CØ in each of those incoming conduits, I've got some customers that would just love to have this guy hook up their services.

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