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#122438 - 11/08/05 06:06 PM Some Nice Work from Germany
electure Offline

Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 4229
Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
My name is Roland Regneri and I work as an electrician in a handicraft enterprise in Germany.

I would like to have contact with some colleagues in America to get to know your electrical system and to introduce our system in Germany. It is a private interest not on business.

Perhaps someone of you also have interest in information exchange about the different systems.

I'm looking forward to your answer.

Roland Regneri

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#122439 - 11/08/05 06:50 PM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
Roger Offline
Registered: 05/18/02
Posts: 1779
Loc: N.C.
Roland, welcome to the forum.

Very nice work.

Please stay and participate, your interest in having a dialog with us Americans as well as many other Countries electrical tradespeople will be fulfilled.

#122440 - 11/08/05 07:12 PM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
Nick Offline
Registered: 08/13/01
Posts: 603
Loc: Riverside, CA
I have installed a few pieces of German equipment over the years. Most recently a Jenbacher natural gas co/gen. The workmanship has always been first class. Nice pictures.
#122441 - 11/09/05 04:24 AM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
IanR Offline
Registered: 12/06/04
Posts: 326
Loc: Palm Bay FL USA
Welcome Roland
That is beautiful work.
You will find much information on how different sytems are wired here, not just American. Hang around and ask any questions that you may have. You will recieve many replies. You will find that this is a very profesional group, there are many good people here.
#122442 - 11/09/05 06:26 AM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
Mike Wescoatt Offline
Registered: 06/17/01
Posts: 164
Loc: Cedar City, Utah
Beautiful work. It looks like a picture out of a Wago catalog.
From the pictures I've seen of work in Germany it looks like you basically custom build the circuit breaker boxes for the application with an array of modular parts. Is this the case? How about in England or elsewhere?
In the US we have a box with busbars installed and we can clip on only a few types of circuit protection and code limits us to 42 per "can".
Mike Wescoatt
#122443 - 11/09/05 02:41 PM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
mhulbert Offline
Registered: 10/19/04
Posts: 133
Loc: Anaheim, CA USA
Would there be anything code or listing wise wrong with using European type equipment(such as that in these pictures) in the US for our panelboards?

I know it wouldn't be cheap, but is there any reason you _have_ to use a typical split bus panel?
#122444 - 11/10/05 04:52 AM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
IanR Offline
Registered: 12/06/04
Posts: 326
Loc: Palm Bay FL USA
You might run into an NEC issue, but honestly I don't know. Probably the cost issue is why you don't see it here.

>edited cuz i cant type<

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[This message has been edited by IanR (edited 11-10-2005).]
#122445 - 11/10/05 05:36 AM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
C-H Offline
Registered: 09/17/02
Posts: 1508
Loc: Stockholm, Sweden
I received an e-mail from Roland which I've translated. I put my comments in [brackets].

"This is an installation at my aunt, built to the latest technical standard. It is possible to switch the lights and the rolling shutters centrally. A panic function is available and also a presence simulator [1] and several additional amenities. Much of it is done with control modules from Theben.

Picture no. 2 shows a radio that fits into the style of the light switches in the kitchen. (The plastic film was there just as protection from dust and paint)The yellow covers are missing from the top and bottom switches.

These pictures should show the Americans what a neat, state of art, electrical installation in Germany and Europe looks like."

1. Timers that switch on an off lights randomly to give the impression that someone is home.
#122446 - 11/10/05 11:45 AM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
mxslick Offline
Registered: 10/24/04
Posts: 785
Loc: Atomic City, ID USA
Absoulutely beautiful work!!

My screening room at UC Irvine uses Kinoton Projectors, built in Germany and the internals are also well layed out and neat. They operate on 240v single phase.

The rails in the picture holding the devices are known here as "DIN" rails. Some electrical wholesale houses can order it for you, and most IEC controls and devices attach directly to the rail. It saves a lot of mounting time in complex control projects such as in this thread.
Stupid should be painful.
#122447 - 11/10/05 11:50 AM Re: Some Nice Work from Germany
SvenNYC Offline
Registered: 08/19/02
Posts: 1685
Loc: New York City
Picture no. 2 shows a radio that fits into the style of the light switches in the kitchen.

Interesting!! I've never seen anything like that before.

Who makes these radios, if they're still available, that is. The cosmetic design of your unit seems a little reminiscent of the 1970s...that's why I'm curious.

Is it LW/MW/FM(UKW) or just FM only?

Seems like a good idea to have in the kitchen - space saving and all.

Your installation is gorgeous, btw.
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