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#119226 - 12/11/04 07:58 PM Mysterious Triangles
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Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 3142
Loc: NY, USA
Since I moved to Lynden, Washington a while back I have spotted these triangle thingies at significant angle points of pole wire runs- I've never seen these anywhere else before. What purpose do they serve? My guesses:

1) Devices for minimizing corona effects;
2) "Slow-Moving Electron" signs;
3) Metric electron discharge devices to rid the lines of those metric electrons that somehow got through the Metric/English convertors at the US/Canadian border ;
4) Something else.

Alex (Sir Arcsalot)

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#119227 - 12/11/04 09:29 PM Re: Mysterious Triangles
mxslick Offline

Registered: 10/24/04
Posts: 785
Loc: Atomic City, ID USA
As a wild guess, something to keep birds/critters off of the crossarms/lines?
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#119228 - 12/12/04 06:41 AM Re: Mysterious Triangles
Ichabod Offline

Registered: 05/24/03
Posts: 26
Loc: Statesboro, GA, USA
Are they only on angle structures?

#119229 - 12/12/04 11:09 AM Re: Mysterious Triangles
Sir Arcsalot Offline

Registered: 11/17/03
Posts: 117
Loc: Lynden, Washington
That is where I've spotted them- it seems to me that I may have seen some of these on one pole which was on a straight portion. But that was a definite exception.
No wire bias here- I'm standing on neutral ground.

#119230 - 12/12/04 11:49 AM Re: Mysterious Triangles
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Registered: 05/27/03
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Loc: S.F.,CA USA
Perches for Bald Eagles?
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#119231 - 12/12/04 12:07 PM Re: Mysterious Triangles
trekkie76 Offline

Registered: 06/19/04
Posts: 219
Loc: baileyville, maine, usa
something to hook a comealong to when the lines where constructed??

#119232 - 12/12/04 03:17 PM Re: Mysterious Triangles
SolarPowered Offline

Registered: 07/05/04
Posts: 615
Loc: Palo Alto, CA, USA
They're in about the right location to be lightning rods. I don't see any indication that they go to ground, though.

#119233 - 12/12/04 06:17 PM Re: Mysterious Triangles
Bjarney Offline

Registered: 04/10/02
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Look like “perch guards.” Case Study 4

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#119234 - 12/12/04 07:31 PM Re: Mysterious Triangles
NORCAL Offline

Registered: 09/25/02
Posts: 807
Anti crispy critter device?

#119235 - 12/13/04 04:36 AM Re: Mysterious Triangles
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Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 4226
Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
We're going to have to crown you the "King of Research"

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