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#117680 - 07/04/04 06:37 AM Leaning Pole of Pisa
Scott35 Offline

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Even though it's not very apparent in this Image, the Pole is leaning to the Right-Hand side by at least 5° off plumb. May be more like 10°, but not sure (no Protractor at the time ...).

I would figure the heavy load of these Transformers would be a "Tower Of Pisa" cause, but not all the "Tilters" in the area have Pots on them.
BTW, the configuration of Xformers shown here is Delta / Delta, with two 75 KVA pots on the "outsides", and a 100 KVA pot in the middle.

Others in the area with Pole mounted Transformers on them are near 90°.

Have seen many Poles leaning; some not so much, others could be noticed by Mr. Magoo during a Solar Eclipse.

Just wondering a few things - which I am hoping someone familiar with Linework Design/Engineering can shed light on:


[*] When is it considered "Leaning Too Much" ,

[*] Was the Pole set up with the leaning situation known,

[*] What is the main cause of the "Lean Phenomina",

[*] Does anyone else notice this stuff besides me.

Also noticed some newly installed Transmission / Distribution Poles (one 66 KV circuit on top, two 12 KV circuits below), which had considerable tilt - only these were "tilting forward", not to the side.
They are unguyed, and all Conductors have been pulled in plus landed to the Insulators.

Pass by the above mentioned Poles, and see the Leaning Pole of Pisa every day (Monday thru Saturday) since the first week of May 2004.
Been working at the same large Commercial Complex since then, and should be there for another Month or two - as we have landed a few more large T.I. projects at this site.

Great people to work with,
Close to Home (apx. 12 miles one direction),
Lots to do,
Doing installations + As Builts ... And Getting Paid!

Scott Thompson (Scott 35)
Scott " 35 " Thompson
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#117681 - 07/04/04 06:49 AM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
iwire Offline
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Does anyone else notice this stuff besides me.

You are not alone, I notice anything out of square, plumb, level etc.

I will go out on a limb here and say from my obsessive observations that the primary cause of 'leaning pole syndrome' or LPS is the lack of proper guys or incorrect wire tension.

A great book that I used to have was the "American Lineman's Handbook" it showed proper techniques for guying.

The books position was any change in the direction of the conductors no matter how slight required a guy wire to oppose that force.

As far as the large pots it is kind of scary how much is hanging up there sometimes.

Bob Badger
Construction & Maintenance Electrician
#117682 - 07/04/04 09:36 AM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
PCBelarge Offline
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I drove by a pole the other day that makes that one look straight. I was going to take a picture and thought no one would be interested. I will try and remember where it is and send the picture

Pierre Belarge
#117683 - 07/04/04 10:27 AM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
e57 Offline
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Are the next poles on both sides past this one leaning?

If not this one could be bowing under that wieght, or sliding down hill.........

I would think that pole is a little thin for that wieght.
Mark Heller
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#117684 - 07/04/04 10:39 AM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
walrus Offline
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Can't you get a degree in catenary(sp?) effects? I thought I saw that offered at some university out west.I thought I heard there were a billion poles in the US??
#117685 - 07/05/04 01:45 PM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
Lostazhell Offline
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Drive down Bolsa Chica Rd between Westminster Bl & Edinger Ave, over by the Naval station in Seal Beach...The poles lean toward the street all the way down for the most part.. So Cal Edison replaced 'one' of em about 6 months ago! Most have no guys against the direction of lean (I'm thinking possibly due to the military owning the adjacent property, but couldn't Edison get ROW?)

#117686 - 07/05/04 02:30 PM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
Bjarney Offline
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Sometimes a heavy secondary span {quadruplex cable} will “help.” Or, maybe late one day they hit hardpan at three-quarters hole depth.
#117687 - 07/05/04 05:30 PM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
classicsat Offline
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I see 40+ year old poles with a bit of lean on them. Yes, including transformer poles.
#117688 - 07/07/04 06:20 PM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
uksparky Offline
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A UK perspective...

When is it considered "Leaning Too Much" ,

When it is at 45 degrees often enough! Not usually of great concern unless conductors get out of line or it leans over something that matters!!

Was the Pole set up with the leaning situation known,

Sometimes yes! On 'turners' ( corners in the line ) especially, once the lines are up the stays should be able to straighten things up with a spanner. If not...oh well tough!

What is the main cause of the "Lean Phenomina",

Soft ground, 'turning' ( lines not through dead straight ), bad struts - bad night before for the pole crew!

Does anyone else notice this stuff besides me.

Yes - and it annoys the hell out of me! SOmething as obvious as that seems not to matter to most - but I can imagine the gip I would get if I stuch a service board up in a house on the same jaunty angle!!


(Newcomer )
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#117689 - 07/08/04 03:43 AM Re: Leaning Pole of Pisa
pauluk Offline
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Quite a few back roads around my area as well where you'll see a whole line of poles leaning, often where they're planted right alongside a ditch. See if I can get some pics next time I'm out and about.
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