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#114988 - 07/24/03 11:25 AM Lots of things wrong here?
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Submitted by Joe Tedesco:

Tools for Electricians:
#114989 - 07/24/03 01:20 PM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
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3 pieces of greenfield unsupported, and blocking access to disco.

Mismatched phase colors between line and load sides of disco.

Conductor run on handle side of disco--could be damaged by operating mechanism.
#114990 - 07/24/03 03:48 PM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
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I don't see a handle on the EXO at all!
Are those some listed type of 90° fitting on the ends of the flex? (Honestly, a Q, I've never seen them like that).
Now, the big question for me is...Does an EXO require the working clearances of 110.26, (or 110-16, if you live in a third world country like California)?? I think so, but I've had a lot of folks deny the point.
#114991 - 07/24/03 05:09 PM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
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There may be a handle, but almost hidden on the switch right side. The cable on the right inside may be a grounded-circuit conductor. {Agreed it is tacky and ‘nonworkmanlike’ to route it there.}

[Here's The Blurry, Overenlarged, Exclusive Front Page National Nquirer-Cam UFO-From-The-Inside Shot.]

There are clearly 250V fuses in the switch, FWIW. It looks the front couple of flexes may have been used as a “ladder” or “platform” for operating the switch.

The 90° flexible-metal-conduit connectors have been around for a long time, but they are almost impossible to install while meeting the NEC300-18(a) ‘Complete Runs’ mandate.

My question is—as a retrofit, would it be acceptable to build a “box” of framing channel and mount the disconnect spaced away from the wall {maybe 30 inches deep} such that there was now NEC110-16 working clearances about the open door? [One of the flexes and associated conductors might more esily be rerouted to the switch enclosure not using the gutter.]

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#114992 - 07/24/03 06:54 PM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
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I made a closeup from the original for some more clarity:
(My Picture replaced with this (better) one: 7/25/03)


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#114993 - 07/24/03 08:20 PM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
ThinkGood Offline
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Mismatched phase colors between line and load sides of disco.

Heck, that's an easy fix. Just put some red tape over the blue tape, etc.
#114994 - 07/25/03 01:43 AM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
pauluk Offline
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What about ID for the neutral too? Or is a white marking not required if the cable just runs through the disco like this without being landed on a terminal?
#114995 - 07/25/03 05:03 AM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
PCBelarge Offline
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The grounded conductor may have been terminated and identified in the left side of the cabinet where we cannot see it. I am curious how this could have passed inspection? This work passing inspection will indirectly tell the installer that the installation is fine and perpetuate this kind of work. Maybe this equipment was added later and no inspection was involved.

Pierre Belarge
#114996 - 07/25/03 06:18 AM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
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Some articles that could be used to red tag this would be.

348.30(A) Supports for FMC

110.26(A)(3) Height of working space.

I do not see how the work space rules would not apply to a fusible disconnect.

110.26(A) Working Space. Working space for equipment operating at 600 volts, nominal, or less to ground and likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized shall comply with the dimensions of 110.26(A)(1), (2), and (3) or as required or permitted elsewhere in this Code.

Certainly a fusible disconnect may need servicing while energized.

One more thing I see, is that the transformer grounding electrode conductor run up the wall to the right of the disconnect?

If it is I do not see any supports as required by 250.64(B)

I am not trying to defend a lousy installation but some of the things mentioned are not NEC violations.

I think it is easy to forget that just because an installation is not up to our own standards does not necessarily mean it is a code violation.

The Grounded conductor if not terminated does not require identification.

200.6(B) "at the time of installation by a distinctive white marking at its terminations"

Mismatched phase tape colors, what code article could be cited to show this is a violation?

Bob Badger
Construction & Maintenance Electrician
#114997 - 07/25/03 07:45 AM Re: Lots of things wrong here?
Bill Addiss Offline
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Loc: NY, USA

Joe sent in a better picture today to replace the closeup I made a few posts above,

Thanks Joe!
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