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#114167 - 01/23/03 09:16 AM Violation Photos
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Submitted by Tony


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#114168 - 01/23/03 09:44 AM Re: Violation Photos
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Regarding the second picture:

A split bolt to hold the ground conductors?

Normally don't you use a Greenie (with the hole for a pigtail) for something like that?

It looks like it's doubling back and then going into that terminal block behind the bolt. Correct?

Fourth picture has two lugs under one screw that also has a couple of square nuts. What gives with that? What's that whire stuff wrapped around the wires?

As far as the last picture is concerned, it looks like metal shavings on the bottom of that encosure (that could cause a short circuit, I'd think). And the insulated green wires are stripped too far back for my taste.

What about the stranded wire to the left? Can that be used with one of those set-screw terminals?

#114169 - 01/23/03 12:02 PM Re: Violation Photos
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1st pic...wiring seems to indicate 480/277v system.
404.8(B) a divider is needed between switches if voltage exceeds 300 between adjacent devices.

Looks like a close nipple being used between 2 masonary boxes??What kind of plate will work on this?
2nd pic...Why all of the grounds in a x-fmer?250.119 doesn't allow conductors smaller than #6 to be reidentified as grounding conductors
3rd pic...Looks like screw head is broken off of the lug from being overtorqued.
4th pic...2 lugs under 1 bolt
5th pic...Conduit not supported;(IMO very poor job done on underground)Bond wire on grounding bushings looks too small for conductors used.
6th pic...copper lug too large for conductor size.250.119 would apply here also(even though they didnt bother to reidentify it)
2 grounds on left entering panel through k/o without a connector(we had a big discussion on that 1 already )

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#114170 - 01/23/03 12:10 PM Re: Violation Photos
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Pic 1 has a loose nipple between the boxes and there may be some fill issues. Color codes may suggest 480 - if so, are those switches appropriate? (I know, there's no problem using those colors on 110...)

In pic 4, the white is phase tape, used to reidentify those black wires as neutrals. I'm not sure if you are allowed to reident a wire as a ground with green tape, however. Also, you can't stack those lugs like that.

In photo 5, even if you can reident with green, the whole bond wire needs it (it almost looks like a green reidentified as a black that way :-)

In the last one, are those lugs rated for that size wires?

#114171 - 01/23/03 12:11 PM Re: Violation Photos
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here what is see.

pic 1. i like the chase nipple in the middle,see the lock nut.and how are these switches mounted.on the cover.?

pic 2.i like the split bolt connector,even with that it looks like the one wire is not in it.

pic 3. nut is missing for the bolt for the ground strap

pic 4.need a double lug

pic 5.looks like someone cut the pre form elbow to short and the coupling is not sealing right.also where the other lug and wire on the other bushing.

pic 6. the metal shavings is from the buss bar.that they drilled to install that over size lug.also they did not mark the wire with green tape.

#114172 - 01/23/03 07:28 PM Re: Violation Photos
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How about...they took a pre-made 45 or 90 and cut it to "make the offset" they needed?
I can't tell from the pic, but I've seen this a few times. IF it's done with finesse, it works. It may be a technical violation, as the item is not being used "as listed".

Aside from everything that you guys listed above...IT'S A MESS. Amatuer Hour??


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