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#113912 - 11/10/02 12:32 PM Sump Pump Installation
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Here are two photos of an interesting situation at my wife's office. She had the building built in 1993 (before she met me, of course!). Since it is in an area where there are no electrical codes or inspections, she stipulated in the contracts that all work must comply with national codes. The most unbelieveable part is that the same company did the electrical and the plumbing! She trusted these people and thought that everything was ok until I pointed this violation out to her. Don't get me wrong, the rest of the work is not too bad, but this makes you wonder what else they did that we can't see.


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#113913 - 11/10/02 01:44 PM Re: Sump Pump Installation
sparky Offline

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interesting that the same people did both trades, no one to point the fingerat i guess....... come the datacom guys get a backboard and not the sparkies??

#113914 - 11/10/02 06:02 PM Re: Sump Pump Installation
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I have 2 sump pumps in my basement and after seeing one of the pvc pipes come loose at the coupleing and shoot water to the ceiling i wouldn't want one next to my panel. see that nice rubber coupling with the hose clamps thats were mine worked itself loose at.

#113915 - 11/14/02 09:11 AM Re: Sump Pump Installation
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What's that big black box sitting on the floor? Kinda looks like a UPS...

Mike (mamills)

#113916 - 11/15/02 07:54 AM Re: Sump Pump Installation
Pearlfish Offline

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That black box holds a set of batteries that keep the pump running (for a while) during a power outage. The box is vinyl in case the batteries leak.

#113917 - 11/16/02 10:08 PM Re: Sump Pump Installation
Jacuzzi Guy Electric Offline

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Forget the black box... Just think about the danger of water and electricity. "Not a good mix". Plus there is no working clearance space.

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#113918 - 11/22/02 06:25 PM Re: Sump Pump Installation
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There are actually two pumps. The back-up system is called "Ace in the Hole". The lower pump is a normal 120v sump pump. About a foot above it is the 12v pump. The 12v pump serves two purposes. The first one is obvious, power failure. The second is in case the first pump can't keep up with the water seepage since the building is in a very wet area. It has saved the day more than once!!!


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