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#110665 - 05/31/06 06:51 PM A Scary Transfer Switch
electure Offline


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From Lone Gunman

The romex going into the bottom of the genny panel on the left was backfeeding the whole main panel. The two pole 50 on the left of the main panel thats right under the 2 pole 100 was the backfed breaker.

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#110666 - 05/31/06 08:29 PM Re: A Scary Transfer Switch
Larry Fine Offline

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Oh, turn THAT off. Now I get it.
Larry Fine
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#110667 - 05/31/06 11:58 PM Re: A Scary Transfer Switch
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Note to idiots:
Keep Duct Tape by your Electrical gear, good for them impromptu joints.

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#110668 - 06/02/06 04:26 PM Re: A Scary Transfer Switch
xGROMx Offline

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Nice, I deal with alot of Generators, and I have one we work on that has that exact transfer switch.....As for the backfeads, what was the purpose of this.....i'm not getting your post

#110669 - 07/15/06 08:39 PM Re: A Scary Transfer Switch
mxslick Offline

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In the second pic, what are the two red wires, which are lugged to the busbars, and the fuseholders(?) on the lower right of the pic for?
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#110670 - 07/16/06 11:39 AM Re: A Scary Transfer Switch
Luketrician Offline

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Gotta love that duct tape!
Luke Clarke
Electrical Planner for TVA.

#110671 - 07/16/06 04:18 PM Re: A Scary Transfer Switch
tdhorne Offline

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So let me get the sequence of operations clear in my mind.
Power fails
Transfer switch transfers the supply that goes from the one hundred ampere breaker in the larger panel to the left hand emergency panel over to the generator.
Some bozo comes along and opens both the large panels main breaker and the one hundred ampere breaker that supplies the transfer switch and then closes a back fed fifty ampere breaker in the main panel thus energizing loads in the main panel through the ? gage wire in the Romex.
That's very clever in that NOT sort of way.
Tom Horne
Tom Horne

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