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#110613 - 05/30/06 11:28 AM Meter Jumper
Admin Online   content

Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 3189
Loc: NY, USA
General contractor was impatient to get temporary power so he jumpered the meter. It was raining that day so I stayed outside the PPE range for the photo and then had it cut at the pole.

Next day he hired an electrician.
- Alan Nadon
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#110614 - 05/30/06 11:59 AM Re: Meter Jumper
Rewired Offline
Registered: 01/01/06
Posts: 567
Loc: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Amazing how some people just don't realize what danger they put themselves in doing things like that... Not to mention the danger they put others in as well!!
What did the POCO say when they came to cut the juice off? I hope the General got a good verbal " tune up" or a fine of some kind...

#110615 - 05/30/06 12:09 PM Re: Meter Jumper
napervillesoundtech Offline
Registered: 02/28/06
Posts: 144
Loc: Naperville, IL, USA
That looks like a really old meter can. Was this going to be replaced?
#110616 - 05/30/06 12:57 PM Re: Meter Jumper
mxslick Offline
Registered: 10/24/04
Posts: 785
Loc: Atomic City, ID USA
Holy bat guano!!! Did anyone else notice he crossed the phases between line and load too?!!

Major Darwin Award to that GC clown. He'd be fired if he ever worked for me.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!
Stupid should be painful.
#110617 - 05/30/06 06:00 PM Re: Meter Jumper
Gus99 Offline
Registered: 08/11/05
Posts: 26
Loc: Los Angeles, CA
My parents had a tree fall during an ice storm which ripped down the service cable. It was that twisted stuff. The phase conductors were intact but the neutral snapped.

Power company was swamped for days so I used a car battery jumper cable to bridge the snapped neutral. Used both cables in parallel so the load capacity was more than enough.

Now if it was a phase conductor that was broken I would not have done this.

[This message has been edited by Gus99 (edited 05-30-2006).]
#110618 - 05/31/06 03:56 AM Re: Meter Jumper
Registered: 12/08/05
Posts: 865
Loc: Titirangi, Akld, New Zealand
Car jumper leads are not even insulated for 120 or 240 Volts anyway.

I wonder if that guy used any proper insulating gloves or some kichen type gloves.

Lucky that no kid stuck its fingers in that meter pan.
The product of rotation, excitation and flux produces electricty.
#110619 - 05/31/06 04:52 AM Re: Meter Jumper
RSmike Offline
Registered: 11/27/02
Posts: 130
Loc: Holland, MI USA
My code book just burst into flames....

In an emergency I might do it.... Like grandma's ventilator is offline.
I think it violates that electrical code thingy.....

#110620 - 05/31/06 01:49 PM Re: Meter Jumper
Clyde Offline
Registered: 10/17/03
Posts: 31
Loc: Leamington
Holy Crap......

I hope someone got fined for this.

This looks like one of the stupid things the journeyman I apprenticed under would have tried.

Thankfully you had the power turned off before someone was killed.
#110621 - 06/01/06 12:36 AM Re: Meter Jumper
Trumpy Offline

Registered: 07/05/02
Posts: 8560
Loc: SI,New Zealand
General contractor was impatient to get temporary power so he jumpered the meter.

I might have known there was a GC involved with this, with only seeing the picture.
"I run the site, you do as you are told on the site, what I say goes on the site, I make the laws and rules on the site"
No Electrician would lower themselves to this level, especially using a redneck thing like LV Jumper leads.
Let's face it, these days if you're not young, you're old - Red Green grin
#110622 - 06/01/06 04:37 AM Re: Meter Jumper
steve ancient apprentice Offline
Registered: 03/04/05
Posts: 170
Loc: west springfield,mass
Anyone who takes personalsafteylike this should be cited,fined,and possibly imprisioned. As someone whos dad was killed in a industrial accident this bozo who did this should not even call themselves a GC.
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