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#110020 - 01/12/06 04:44 AM Taking a Nice Hot Shower?
electure Offline


Registered: 12/24/00
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Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
I got a call for a lighting circuit that was out in an old 1930's
house... I ended up finding a little more than I expected
The 4 ckt panel was in the bathroom, along with the keyless in the
shower space and the riser falling off the wall The outlet was
the culprit for the blown circuit.. (She blamed her son.. )

Randy (Lostazhell)

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#110021 - 01/12/06 07:54 AM Re: Taking a Nice Hot Shower?
Radar Offline

Registered: 04/30/04
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Loc: Los Angeles, CA
Well, looks like the bottom half is OK - just snap off the tie connectors (eheh). On second thought, that won't work, the whole thing was installed upside down.

Seriously tho - where was this outlet located? In the same bathroom or elsewhere? And did she say just what her son did to cause this?

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#110022 - 01/12/06 08:21 AM Re: Taking a Nice Hot Shower?
SvenNYC Offline

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Loc: New York City
So Randy, what did you end up doing? Just changing the two-pin socket for another one of the same and leave with the money .... or try to get this woman to have that junk repaired properly?

Edit: Radar, he probably just plugged something into the leftovers...and the contacts inside brushed up against the device bracket? ZAP-KAPOW!

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#110023 - 01/12/06 08:39 AM Re: Taking a Nice Hot Shower?
mamills Offline

Registered: 11/30/01
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Loc: Wharton, Texas, USA
Randy: Was this panel (looks like a really old Zinsco ) actually in the shower area?

You run into some real zingers in your travels! I hope they had you do more than just replace the receptacle.

Mike (mamills)

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#110024 - 01/12/06 06:23 PM Re: Taking a Nice Hot Shower?
yaktx Offline

Registered: 02/19/03
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Loc: Austin, Texas, USA
Is that 4-circuit panel the service equipment? Seeing the way the wallpaper is bubbling up from the humidity, that can't be good for the equipment, undersized, too few circuits and yeah, it does look like a Zinsco.

#110025 - 01/13/06 08:57 AM Re: Taking a Nice Hot Shower?
Lostazhell Offline

Registered: 02/21/04
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Loc: Bakersfield, CA (Originally Or...
Unfortunatly this home is a rental, with the landlord out living it up out on the coast... He was a MAJOR tightwad and only allowed the recept to be changed (to a GFI due to lack of a ground)But I did try to drive home just how bad things were here They've been using small room heaters since he hasn't fixed their wall furnace! (it's gotten down to the 30°F's here at times!)

The outlet was in her sons room behind a nightstand. I found an extension cord with a nice chunk blown out of the prongs on the other side of the room, but the outlet appears to have been broken for some time...

The panel is only about 1½' from the shower area, it could be reached from the shower (in case the lights go out while you're shampooing) It's partially buried in the corner, so getting the cover off took some work.. It's a Zinsco with the old screw terminal on both ends.. I have a pic of the inside I'll try to get posted here.. and yes... it is the service equiptment, a lone meter is the only thing between this and the feeders (#10's!) tied to the utility!

The tenant would've LOVED to get all these things fixed, but it wasn't her decision


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