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#107211 - 10/02/05 05:52 PM Want Ice in Your Soda?
electure Offline


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Submitted by Lostazhell, these pics show:

the creative ice machine install... the pigtail to the handibox fed the ice machine as well as the pepsi vend on the outside of the ice room!


btw, Mrs Lostazhell is really the one that found these hazards

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#107212 - 10/02/05 07:20 PM Re: Want Ice in Your Soda?
NORCAL Offline

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Creative??? The profanity of your choice (whatever comes to mind ) should be used to discribe whoever was the culprit on this mess.

#107213 - 10/02/05 08:33 PM Re: Want Ice in Your Soda?
Lostazhell Offline

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I just noticed myself,... thats not a handibox, it's a 1G extension ring

#107214 - 10/04/05 10:09 PM Re: Want Ice in Your Soda?
yaktx Offline

Registered: 02/19/03
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Loc: Austin, Texas, USA
Handy box, extension ring, what's the difference? Looking at the rest of this mess, it wouldn't matter if it was a tuna can.

Sounds like you've got your wife trained pretty well. I'm working on mine. She's always amused when I pause a video and announce, "Electro-geek moment!"

Of course, she always pauses the video when she sees an oriental rug. When I go to do remodel work on a high-end house, she asks if they have any rugs. Then she wants me to take pictures.

#107215 - 10/04/05 10:16 PM Re: Want Ice in Your Soda?
yaktx Offline

Registered: 02/19/03
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Loc: Austin, Texas, USA
Several years ago, I was doing demo work, and I figured out that with a little practice, you can bend 1/2" EMT pretty well with the insole of your boot. Not well enough that I'd put my name on the install, but well enough that it will fit in the dumpster without any ugly kinks.

I wish I had some pictures of the sign work outside a Mexican restaurant I used to frequent. More or less perfect 90's (+/-10 degrees), if your definition of perfect means radius=zero. Needless to say, the romex was pulled in first!

#107216 - 10/05/05 03:30 PM Re: Want Ice in Your Soda?
CTwireman Offline

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On the bright side, at least they used all 3 screws on the raised cover.


#107217 - 10/05/05 06:33 PM Re: Want Ice in Your Soda?
renosteinke Offline
Cat Servant

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I am currently involved in a restaraunt remodel. I am daily reminded why the word "customer" begins with "cus!"

The customer, as well as the general contractor, are in a class of their own.
The GC, as disorganised as they come, is always full of helpful advice and confused priorities. For example, "when you gonna hang the chandaliers?"....and the feeders aren't run to the panel yet!
The customer is always trying to "hurry" thing along. One morning I arrived to find they had laid clay tiles during the night- and the mortar was still quite wet. Today, as I busied myself with the feeders, they quietly went about hanging the chandaliers....I don't think I ran the wires there yet!

The first instruction from the GC was "those prints don't mean nothin'."
The equipment that the prints specify is completely different from what the customer got "on special." Currently, they expect to run THEIR ice machine without a condenser coil- that should be interesting!

My point is that restaraunts, and their contractors, are a breed of their own. Sometimes I think we try too hard to keep them from burning down!


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