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#107204 - 11/15/04 09:57 PM Dangling Disconnect
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Among other things, note the box and EMT on the workbench that are plugged in to the dangling receptacle. This is in the same place where we needed to install some additional flourescent lighting. Opened a box to tie in the new lighting and found a variety pack of #12 and #14 on the same circuit. Figured we had better take a quick look at the panel and found a 30A breaker "protecting" the circuit..........

- pfillmore

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#107205 - 11/16/04 04:34 AM Re: Dangling Disconnect
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The Fire Extinguisher is quite fitting, given the circumstances.

#107206 - 11/16/04 01:36 PM Re: Dangling Disconnect
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Yeah, but it is right under the source of ignition, lol.
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#107207 - 11/16/04 01:42 PM Re: Dangling Disconnect
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Its one of those complicated mouse trap thingies. When the disconnect falls it hits the fire extinguisher which puts out the fire! Damn smart I say :P

#107208 - 11/16/04 01:43 PM Re: Dangling Disconnect
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the reason the extinguiser is under the source of ignition is because its an automatic extinguiser. when the molten steel from the burning disconnect drips on the extinguisher, it will melt a hole in it. the extinguiser will automatically discharge, putting out the fire.

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#107209 - 11/16/04 05:30 PM Re: Dangling Disconnect
Sir Arcsalot Offline

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Given the extreme slipshoddiness of the installation- and overfusing ("overbreakering?")it to boot- I have to wonder what sort of powdered chemical lurks in that extinguisher... "Why, sure, I can use ANY ol' thing in this here fire extinguisher- I done charged it with this powdered stuff I found out yonder in the barn- it said 'Magnesium Powder' on it..."
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#107210 - 11/16/04 06:01 PM Re: Dangling Disconnect
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I must admit that this is the best photo I've ever seen of tap rule violations.


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