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#103648 - 10/21/02 05:59 PM Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
Joe Tedesco Offline
Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 3325
Loc: Boston, Massachusetts USA

Proper splicing methods ....?

Photo by: Gregg Schmitz EC&M Reader
Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant
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#103649 - 10/21/02 07:48 PM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
rhagfo Offline
Registered: 04/16/01
Posts: 44
Loc: Portland, OR. USA
What's wrong they used electrical tape, not Duct tape!!!

This is the kind of stuff people do that really scares me !!! They must have asked Bob at that Home store.

Looking at the MC it looks to be 12 or 14 A.G., I can't tell if the other end is Romex or the end of an extension cord. Either way I doubt if that Red wire nut is much good if one end is 14 AWG and the other is 16 AWG stranded. The worst thing is that for less than $5.00 it could be safe and legal.
#103650 - 10/22/02 02:08 AM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
sparky Offline
Registered: 10/18/00
Posts: 5545
is that green 'grounding' tape?
#103651 - 10/22/02 04:10 AM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
Texas_Ranger Offline
Registered: 12/17/01
Posts: 2351
Loc: Vienna, Austria
To me that black stuff looks like 18awg zip cord.
#103652 - 10/22/02 09:33 AM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
SvenNYC Offline
Registered: 08/19/02
Posts: 1685
Loc: New York City
The sharp ends of the metal BX sheathing are going to start scraping and digging into the conductor insulation until eventually....ZAAAAPPP.

Not to mention moisture seeping through the tape, dirt and age deteriorating that tape.

And then there's the issue of the strain being placed on the connection by just leaving it hanging like that. What if someone trips over it? Disaster.

Are proper junction boxes and cable clamps THAT expensive??? Come on!!!

[This message has been edited by SvenNYC (edited 10-22-2002).]
#103653 - 10/22/02 11:46 AM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
seeks Offline
Registered: 05/13/02
Posts: 24
Loc: bufalo, ny 14228
i like the fact that they have cardboard right next to this - more fuel for the fire!
#103654 - 10/22/02 12:39 PM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
txsparky Offline
Registered: 05/25/01
Posts: 578
Loc: Magnolia,.Texas U.S.A.
They probably should have used yellow caution tape.
Does'nt look as though any of the cables are secured or supported (well,..there is that one tie wrap securing 3 of them to a larger flex or vice versa )

That looks like a white water hose on the right of this mess

[This message has been edited by txsparky (edited 10-22-2002).]
#103655 - 10/22/02 06:32 PM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
rhagfo Offline
Registered: 04/16/01
Posts: 44
Loc: Portland, OR. USA
The water hose is there to put out the fire when the splice fails and the ensuing sparks set the cardboard on fire!!!!!
#103656 - 10/25/02 11:21 AM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
Scotts Offline
Registered: 01/17/02
Posts: 224
Loc: Ventura, CA, USA
Let's not forget about the working space violation. It seems that the blue BOX and the brown thing in front of it is just a little closer than 3' away form the panel. I am assuming that is a panel with all of the flex coming out of the bottom. You can tell with all of that flex instead of conduit the work is not done in a neat and workman like manner. I would like to see pictures of the inside of the panel.
#103657 - 11/12/02 05:08 PM Re: Cable and Cord Spliced Together!
andylea Offline
Registered: 11/12/02
Posts: 29
Loc: ny
some very bad pics on this web site, but this one caught my eye. i come across buildings in manhattan that the 'super' has been 'doing little odd jobs' , all the time. the most frightening so far was were said 'super' has been doing his 'little odd jobs' for the last 40 years.unfortunately 40 years ago he got a good deal on some telephone cord!!!!!!!!!!. scarey eh......are there any inspectors in new york city??????
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