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#10077 - 05/29/02 03:52 PM Fishing For Comments On The Fiber Fish
AC Offline

Registered: 05/29/02
Posts: 23
Loc: New York, New York
I've been lurking and reading for a while, but this is my first post. Great site you have here and very informative.

I was wondering if anyone had used the 1/4" diameter 24' long Fiber Fish" made by BES or or a similar model. I haven't used one before but from the pictures it looks like it would be pretty good for going hole to hole accross a whole room in a ceiling with a cockloft (crawlspace) above as it looks like one could shoot it a long way in a straight line and it could be directed right to where you want it. I'm thinking of a job coming up where we will be pulling some AC accross some rooms with tin ceilings and we don't want to poke any holes in them.

Has anyone like this tool for fishing? Is it as easy to direct it in a crawlspace as is advertised? Is it stiff enough to stay up in the air for 12' - 15' so as not to get caught on the ceiling joists? Is it strong enough to pull 12/2 or 12/3 AC? I think it's used more for telephone and signal wires than power cable.

[This message has been edited by AC (edited 05-29-2002).]

[This message has been edited by AC (edited 05-29-2002).]

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#10078 - 05/29/02 03:57 PM Re: Fishing For Comments On The Fiber Fish
motor-T Offline

Registered: 11/10/01
Posts: 293
Loc: Girard, Ohio, USA
The fibre fish I got is about 7 feet long, comes with a bunch of attachments, magnets and hooks and chains, works well from floor to floor and in tite spaces. Yes it will pull 12-2, its not a bad gadget at all.


#10079 - 05/30/02 04:14 AM Re: Fishing For Comments On The Fiber Fish
Redsy Offline

Registered: 03/28/01
Posts: 2138
Loc: Bucks County PA
I have a pack of "Magic Sticks" (similar product).
Probably the best $75.00 I ever spent.
The smaller size is very flexible and one-man fishing is much easier. You can usually insert them in a 1/4" gap above a switchbox and push on them to follow the wall up, or downward.

#10080 - 05/30/02 05:39 AM Re: Fishing For Comments On The Fiber Fish
Electric Eagle Offline

Registered: 04/20/02
Posts: 928
Loc: Alpharetta, GA
I use a similar product that saves my A$$. Along with a 6 ft diversibit, they allow me to put wires in places most electricians won't even attempt, such as exterior walls with insulation. The rod just pushes right through the insulation. They have several products on that web site that I plan to buy that will really come in handy.

#10081 - 05/30/02 08:22 PM Re: Fishing For Comments On The Fiber Fish
HotLine1 Offline


Registered: 04/03/02
Posts: 6804
Loc: Brick, NJ USA
I didn't look at the device you referenced, but:
We had a job last year in a apt bldg, and had to fish thru plaster ceilings...
I got sme 1/4" fiberglass rods (5'), some 1/4" rod cplgs...drilled out one end of the rod cplgs to "fit" the rod....epoxied the drilled end to the f/g rod...put a 1/4" stud into the still threaded end of the cplg, and just screw together as many sections as you need.

Not that we are "cheap"...but I couldn't find a commercially available set-up that was "stiff" enough to go the distance.

BTW we fished 45' fixture to fixture with 12/3 MC cable, and had no problems, except for the occasional fiberglass splinter.

John (Hot Line 1)

#10082 - 06/07/02 11:17 PM Re: Fishing For Comments On The Fiber Fish
AC Offline

Registered: 05/29/02
Posts: 23
Loc: New York, New York
My boss picked up the 1/4" rod kit and it worked out well for running over ceilings. It's not real flexible for going up and down walls though. I think thats what the 3/16" model would be for. Thanks for the suggestions.

#10083 - 06/08/02 10:23 AM Re: Fishing For Comments On The Fiber Fish
Currently Offline

Registered: 04/21/02
Posts: 54
Loc: TN
I have the 3/16 - 24 foot one piece fibersnake and can tell you it is a rugged unit. I had some concerns about the strength vs the quarter inch model but chose this one for the flexibility. I have put it in some tight corners and cringed but it took it and is still working. If broken (hasn't happened yet) they sell kits that will allow you to install a ferrule where you can screw them together. Recommend you buy the accessory kit as I was trying to save a few bucks and ended up buying everything in kit at a later date and higher cost.

It is stiff enough to run thru an exterior wall thru fiberglass insulation and flexible enough to run thru the gap between box and wall board. If my hole is accurately placed, I can get it where I want it thru insulation within 5 or 6 tries. The yellow color makes it easy to spot. As for pulling, 3/16 is kind of hard to get a good grip on with your hands. I wrap it with 1/8 rubber roof sheathing and use vise grips when that sucker is caught on something and hand strength just won't do it. Overall I rate it as one of the few tools that is worth every penny I paid for it!

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