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#100461 - 11/19/06 08:44 PM Gas appliance recep on with microwave
97_watts Offline
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Registered: 11/19/06
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Loc: West Jordan,Utah
I had an inspector fail an install where we pulled a receptacle for the gas cooktop off of the microwave circuit(20amp dedicated). He says the microwave has to be on its own circuit, but most micros only run in the 1100W range. Any opinions?
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#100462 - 11/19/06 10:15 PM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
mxslick Offline
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First off, welcome to ECN!!

Actually, I'd try to state the case in the oposite direction; i.e. the gas cooktop will only pull about 1 amp or so for the light(s) and ignitor.....mention the combination range/microwave and/or microwave/exhaust fan units as possible precedents. Hardly a serious load factor for the microwave circuit.

But sometimes (actually many times) the Code turns a blind eye to reality and you may be stuck rewiring or adding a recept to the general appliance circuit in the kitchen.

Before someone I know quite well, comes on to blast me about the Code remark I must say that the intention of the Code in this case is a very good one. It would be quite easy to overload the gen. purp. circuit with the microwave and just one other appliance.

Usually a polite conversation with the inspector will allow this to pass. But be ready to quote Code references that will help your case.

Good luck.
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#100463 - 11/19/06 11:03 PM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
gfretwell Offline

Registered: 07/20/04
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Loc: Estero,Fl,usa
I don't see how he can require a dedicated circuit for an appliance that drwas less than 50% of circuit ampacity (2400va).
... unless it is juts because he can
Greg Fretwell
#100464 - 11/19/06 11:26 PM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
PEdoubleNIZZLE Offline
Registered: 06/16/04
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Loc: McKeesport, PA, USA
Welcome 97_watts

One of the electricians I worked with had a similar situation in a bathroom. He wired a night light (in-wall LED type) downstream from the GFCI. He was failed on this until he could reason with the inspector that there's probably going to be a night light plugged in anyways, and the night light had a rating of 0.1W (which is probably a lot more than it actually pulls). He said the inspector probably passed him because he was nice about it.

Make your point, but be respectful about it.

Electrically speaking, it should be okay as long as the calculated voltage drop is within the specs of the stove, which I'm sure it is (if it's too under voltage, the worst case scenario would be the electronic pilot doesn't light, causing a gas leak if the homeowner doesn't see that it's not lit. This could be one point he makes. remember, I said worst case scenario, as in, say, 1 in a million... blue moon... pigs fly... 3 legged horse won... you get the idea.)

By the way, is it an electrical inspector, or building inspector?
#100465 - 11/20/06 03:33 AM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
Eddy Current Offline
Registered: 09/26/06
Posts: 111
Loc: Ontario,Canada
Quote:but most micros only run in the 1100W range.

What is keeping the home owner from putting a huge microwave in there? I know that most don't draw as much as they used to but code is code!

FYI- In Canada, we can put the gas range receptacle on the same circuit as the dining area receptacle. -Sorry, I know that this is the NEC forum, I like to compare all the little differences there is between NEC and CEC.
#100466 - 11/20/06 08:32 AM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
renosteinke Offline
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Code does require a dedicated microwave circuit ...but ONLY if the micro in question as part of an 'over the range and exhaust hood' install. Event there, the requirement is an indirect one ... the dedicated circuit is called for IF the hood is cord & plug connected, only because a micro MIGHT be added later.

It is quite possible that the inspector got confused on this point - dang them code seminars! In general, a micro can be plugged into any receptacle - even the countertop general purpose ones- and I suspect the stove igniter can come off them as well.

Now, as to the igniter tripping the GFI, I simply don't know if that's a concern.
#100467 - 11/20/06 10:42 AM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
Ryan_J Offline
Registered: 08/19/03
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Loc: West Jordan, Utah, USA
Take a look at 422.16(B)(4)
Ryan Jackson,
Salt Lake City
#100468 - 11/20/06 10:51 AM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
gfretwell Offline

Registered: 07/20/04
Posts: 9039
Loc: Estero,Fl,usa
I will look at that (NEC 2005) on December 8 ... if the state doesn't push it back again

Greg Fretwell
#100469 - 11/20/06 11:24 AM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
tdhorne Offline
Registered: 03/22/01
Posts: 345
Loc: Maryland, USA
Ryan_J Wrote: Take a look at 422.16(B)(4)

OK I'll bite. How does that apply to the matter at hand? Is this an over range microwave and exhaust hood combination unit?
Tom Horne

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#100470 - 11/20/06 12:22 PM Re: Gas appliance recep on with microwave
JJM Offline
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At the rate things are going, a 2,000 SF or larger home will soon need 400A service just so you can get two 42 breaker panels for all the dedicated circuits.

Either that, or the 42 breaker panel limit imposed on manufacturers needs to be lifted to reflect modern realities.

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