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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Attachment point for residential service
Posted by bigpapa:
Anybody here from BC Canada? Guess I will call the BCSA inspector about this.
Re: Meter Main loading
Posted by Tesla:
Hypothetical situations / queries ... I find them annoying.

Two (2) Main breaker spaces -- per se -- may not mean what you think.

Aluminum bussed, residential panels, commonly use two (2) breaker spaces for one (1) Main breaker. This cuts the ampacity -- per pole-slot -- down in half.

This style (...)
Re: Residue on wires in panel box??
Posted by JoeJoeB:
It's all sealed up. Putty looks fresh though. I'm already calling in electrician for other issues as well.
Re: Do I need a disconnect?
Posted by Trick440:
Originally Posted By: Tesla
Folks, the Detroit area has an entire niche 'industry' of 'experts' who tap Detroit Edison's service drops to provide un-billed utility power.

Very true. This has been greatly eliminated sense the release of the Smart Meters.

This particular job is in clean (...)
Re: 1935 film about giant Chevrolet sign in Chicago
Posted by renosteinke:
Kind of makes you think ... like "How on earth did I ever survive growing up?

Let's see .... the 30's.... America on the verge of becoming a true world leader, in everything 'positive,' and destined to fight - and defeat - those who held a much darker view of the future.

In short order, we (...)
Re: Someone's Awake at Milwaukee
Posted by Tesla:
There's an outfit in Electric Contractor (ads) that sells pre-cut and formed aluminum trapeze elements -- especially certified for the food and pharma trades.


I've been using a Metabo bandsaw for 12 years -- corded.

After countless cuts (mostly strut) I'm still stuck on the original blade. (...)
Re: 3-way photosensor switch control
Posted by JoeTestingEngr:
Look into P&B KUL series latching relays for what you need. Potter & Brumfield was gobbled up by TE Connectivity, which used to be Tyco, so don't let the different mfg. names throw you off. I don't remember you mentioning your desired operating voltage yet and that really does impact the (...)
Re: Inverter/Charger advice
Posted by LarryC:
Battery Amp-Hour ratings are usually determined by the 20 hour discharge curve.

I believe for a 5 hour discharge, you should derate to 70%.

You may want to set up the UPS with the intended load and measure the actual current draw of the system.
Re: The elusive AFCI device??
Posted by SparksFlying:
Thank You!!


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Description: I am wanting to run a new pipe riser here at the top right hand corner. I am concerned if the local code will allow it. It does seem to be 3 ft. away from the deck vertically and above the window on the right.

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