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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Unique Exhaust Fan Control Request
Posted by twh:
Use two relays. The first isolates the supply fan interlock and energizes the second relay. The second relay starts the exhaust fan. The second relay should give the necessary delay.
Re: Incorrectly Wired Switch
Posted by thomaslong:
The hazard of electrical fires in Canada is a heavily debated topic. I have read this blog that says nearly 20% of such occurrences are due to faulty electrical appliances, improper wiring and irresponsible usage ( http://www.theshockdoctors.ca/blog/general/electrical-fires-in-canada/ ). The (...)
Re: How is this not a ground fault?
Posted by gfretwell:
I think the important thing to remember is a transformer is a separately derived source and does not have a ground reference at all until you establish one. That is not a fault. From them on any other contact with ground will be a ground fault. If the neutral faults to ground, it takes ground (...)
Re: Sub-panel off the "back of the meter"
Posted by BigB:
Originally Posted By: renosteinke

By adding a second set of wires to that meter base, you are creating a second 'main' service. The NEC generally frowns on this. I've encountered this sort of thing only rarely, usually in some sort of duplex or apartment conversion, or in a farm setting (where (...)
Re: Speaking of Plugmold ...
Posted by ghost307:
I see another possible problem with the approach of 'recessing' the plugmold into the drywall...the wall will no longer have any fire rating whatsoever.
Re: grounding a ct cabinet
Posted by Yoopersup:
from the ct cabinet to the ist main the Neutral is your bond,
also install a bonding strap or jumper from XO in CT cabinet to cabinet. (Usually supplied by manufacturer of Cabinet.
If not size a conductor using 250.66

Installing EGC would give you a parallel neutral as your also required to (...)
Re: The Perfect Job Site?
Posted by HotLine1:
Interesting that he did it for a week.

The bad part of the above situation could possibly be 'everyone else' being looked at by the mini-mart staff.

Tool theft is a concern on a lot of jobsites, hence the gang boxes with the heavy duty locks, and ID info engraved into most tools.

Last week at a (...)
Re: Humming in Cubicle of Medium Voltage Switchgear
Posted by twh:
Thermal imaging is a nice way to find problems like loose connections. The heat stays for a while after it's turned off so you have some time to look around.
Re: Outdoor transformer/grounding question
Posted by gfretwell:
I suppose you need to back up and see if that transformer is listed for cord and plug connection. If that is OK, I suppose the pin in the plug is sufficient to establish the ground.
Those 309 plugs are designed so the ground makes before the ungrounded pins.


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