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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Parking lot pole light swap....
Posted by gfretwell:
My wife did a bunch at her club and just setting the pole and hooking up the wires is about an hour. You still need to stage the job and add in some "risk" for things you don't plan on so 3 hours may be a good guess for pole #2 or 3 and on. Once you get the routine down, they start rolling (...)
Re: Son of Sparky
Posted by HotLine1:
FWIW, heard from a lot of guys, something to the effect of
"a good inspector comes from good sparkies, both j-men and ECs"
Re: Speaking of Plugmold ...
Posted by gfretwell:
It would not look as nice, I imagine. My regular plug mold tucked up in the recess under the cabinet skirt works pretty well but you are laying your head on the counter to plug things in. Fortunately the stuff that plugs in there stays plugged in.
Re: Broken battery charger? Check for cobwebs!
Posted by gfretwell:
There is a guy up the street who gets a lot of "returned" stuff from Northern Tool that they just throw away. I get all sorts of things from him with nothing serious wrong with them other than orange spray paint on them but it is water based marker paint so it comes right off.
Re: 230 or 345 kV transmission lines?
Posted by annemarie1:
Would they really put something as high as 220Kv on wooden poles surely to get safety clearance you need a metal pylon
Re: Is this a fix or just a bandaid?
Posted by gfretwell:
This is a thing that was done a few times at different installations
Re: Remotely power on/off 110v contactor coil
Posted by twh:
Originally Posted By: LEB
Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I haven't had much luck with local contractors. Would something like this work?
I played with one of those and I like them for remote monitoring. I'm not sure how secure they are. You have to open up your firewall.

I was (...)
Re: Locked rotor, no burnout
Posted by jraef:
Not sure how old the fans were that he investigated, but i remember that thermal fuse wire being added back in the late 70s when I worked for a Nutone distributor. That issue was somewhat unique to SP motors used on vent fans, because it was implied that the fans would be moving air across (...)
Re: Control panel location
Posted by sparkyinak:
Thanx. all too often, We run into areas that require 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound box. Some controllers come with a remote panel. As long the panel does not need servicing or adjustment, why not mounting it high and the interface low. Plus with Blue tooth technology, just thinking outside the box


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