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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Charge your "Tesla"
Posted by gfretwell:
Thanks that was what I was thinking.
I may poke around on the internet a little, no use reinventing the wheel.
Re: Interesting method
Posted by gfretwell:
That is just a lamp holder screwed into the fan J box cover and they drilled 2 holes in the cover, no bushings, for the fixture wires. They used a regular 1/4-20 screw, not the 1/8 NPT threaded tube so they could not route the wires up that way.

One of their house warming gifts was the listed (...)
Re: fire pump service disconnect
Posted by JBD:
I see nothing in the NEC that would prevent you from having two disconnects, in series, for a fire pump installation.
I have designed, and had installed, new disconnects with short circuit protection upstream from existing fire pump services. They have not been questioned by the AHJ.
Re: Can we use cord???
Posted by HotLine1:
One of quite a few.
Re: Norwegian power?
Posted by Texas_Ranger:
RCD _ residual current device, essentially a GFI but usually entirely electro-mechanical rather than electronic. Trip currents range from 10 mA to 3 A for ancient models, currently up to 500 mA I think. For all outlet circuits 30 mA are required in most countries these days, requirements for (...)
Re: Distance of Spa GFI Breaker and gas line outdoors
Posted by Potseal:
CEC 2-234 Electrical equipment near combustible gas equipment

When installed outdoors, arc producing electrical equipment shall not be installed within 1m of the discharge of a combustible gas relief device or vent.
Re: Nice job??
Posted by HotLine1:
One of many issues. Handyman special.
Re: Load control in generator start up
Posted by gfretwell:
Most HVACs have a time delay module in them from the factory these days but they are a delay after power off deal. If the power was off for X minutes it starts immediately.
For the OP's problem you want "delay on" relays set to different times for each compressor.
Five to Ten seconds between (...)
Re: Wet or damp
Posted by gfretwell:
I think the canopy of the fan will cover the face of the Bell Box in a satisfactory manner so you will not be needing the gasket. Above the fan they have 2x10s so that is substantial wood.


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