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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: When would you choose Al over Cu for an install?
Posted by Texas_Ranger:
Originally Posted By: gfretwell
Considering the hype, it amazes me how many million houses built in the late 60s and early 70s that didn't burn down wink

As I said, if Al was indeed inherently dangerous, Europe east of the Berlin Wall (...)
Re: A Letter to the IAEI
Posted by NORCAL:
Originally Posted By: dougwells
Originally Posted By: Potseal
Interesting letter, reno.

Over time I have belonged to various groups and have been asked to join others. At this point in time I feel as though if there's going to be more than 1 member then it's likely not the group for me.

Re: FPE Revisited
Posted by HotLine1:
FPE was a popular install here in NJ, as probably in many other areas. Yes, there are still many FPE panels around here. Have I personally known of any issues with FPE, No.

The 'Home Inspectors' have a favorite "Bad Boy" with FPE panels, at resale time. Some reports state 'dangerous', (...)
Re: Working space violation?
Posted by sparkyinak:
Actually, with the right meter main, it fit nicely without violation. The 30" width can go side to side and be legal
Re: How many Receptacles In A Bedroom?
Posted by renosteinke:
Sure, let's all start worrying, like Chicken Little. No one else but us could possible know what they're doing.

Counterfeit / substandard products? Always a problem, ever the challenge. Yet we didn't disband our air forces and airlines when it was discovered that some fake parts had entered (...)
Re: Has anyone heard from Frenchie?
Posted by NORCAL:
He is a mod at ET, you might try a PM over there, but last I had looked was not real active for a while.
Re: Older Homes
Posted by Texas_Ranger:
Up until the 1980s there were plenty of small un-vented on-demand gas water heaters in several European countries (and by that I mean they could be legally bought and fitted new), even considerably longer in some countries I think. Those units were small (5 l per minute flow rate, roughly 1 (...)
Re: Unique electrical/electronics stores
Posted by gfretwell:
I doubt they will be concerned about discrete parts that are packaged and unassembled. TSA might want to open your bag for a look at something wired together tho.
Re: Pendent receptacle question. Is this install code?
Posted by renosteinke:
This gets back to 'you reap what you have sown.'

Prior to the '99 code, there was no problem with making your own equipment using ordinary boxes or cord caps. Then, along came an activist (no point naming him at this point).

That fine gent flooded electrical forums with pictures of damaged (...)


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