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Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Straighten bent RNC?
Posted by wewire2:
I don't know what kind of supernatural law it is but I can have something sit in my shop for years and within a month after tossing it I find a need for it. Ever notice that?
Re: 3-way photosensor switch control
Posted by gfretwell:
The latching relay may be the simplest solution. It has 2 coils. One picks the relay, the other drops the relay. Getting from the photo detector to having the current to operate the relay coils will depend on which one you chose.
I am sure you can find something that would operate them directly.
Re: pvc bends
Posted by Yoopersup:
A lot of Cables including HV have required bending Radius ,
Thus long radius 90's.
Re: 35mm 5 conductor cable distance to 50Kva xfromer
Posted by Texas_Ranger:
50° C conductor temperature?!? That'll force you to derate even further!

Is your MCCB supposed to protect the transformer? Then I'd say start by sizing that appropriately and then calculate cable size etc.
Re: Daisy chaining on 2pole 30 amp breaker??
Posted by Texas_Ranger:
Originally Posted By: ghost307
Absolutely not a problem as long as he uses 10 AWG wire (or larger).

There's no difference between this and allowing more than a single 15A receptacle on a 15A breaker.

If the next guy tries to use both at the same time the breaker will protect things; the same way (...)
Re: Cell tower on top of HV transmission tower?
Posted by mbhydro:
I would guess that most problems with a cell site are in the electronics shack on the ground and not up in the tower.

This guess is based on that I have never seen anybody up on the tower at the end of my street since construction, but I see a marked provider truck in the compound and the (...)
Re: Art 695 Fire Pumps
Posted by Tesla:
BTW, the term Life Safety is bandied around all the time by the trade -- even if the fire pump is actually just and auxiliary fire pump.

You'll find that there are actually various levels of over-kill within the fire pump world.

Auxiliary fire pumps dominate the market -- by far.

"Fire Saftey - (...)
Re: Code for Junction Box mounted on Floor
Posted by gfretwell:
Does your state have a separate code for schools? In Florida they have the SREF codes that deal particularly with buildings in the school system. You might get something there,
Re: Small off grid solar job
Posted by sparkyinak:
Sad to say that you are not even close to having all the needed data. First, unless real estate is a premium, I'd never put panels on a roof because you will likely need an engineer to sign off the roof loading. Do you have the isolation hours for the particular site? How is your southerly (...)


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by: sparkync

Description: I am wanting to run a new pipe riser here at the top right hand corner. I am concerned if the local code will allow it. It does seem to be 3 ft. away from the deck vertically and above the window on the right.

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