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Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Why is a Photocell porch light flickering
Posted by Tesla:
The fixture is 'dimmable' -- which means TROUBLE.

THAT's where the multi-vibrator logic kicks in.

I suspect that the fixture's logic is 'hunting' for a stable state -- and is caught in an endless logical loop.

Look to see if you can 'lock out' its dimmable feature.

You don't want it, anyway.

This (...)
Re: 5-15 receptacles and non-compliant loads
Posted by HotLine1:
Do you know what the smoker was actually drawing, vs the nameplate?
Re: Understanding NEMA 5-15 / 5-20 Outlets
Posted by HotLine1:
My error is that I thought you were talking about a 'fixed' micro, the over the range type. Sorry for that!!

Yes, 100% on people plugging in 'appliances' and reaching or exceeding the circuit capacity.

The discrepancy between the nameplate info, and your actual reading may be a marketing (...)
Re: "Typical" Kitchen Appliances
Posted by HotLine1:
My kitchen from 2011 redo:

DW on 20 amp dedicated
Micro on 20 amp dedicated
Three (3) 20 amp S/A counter circuits
One 20 amp ref circuit.
One 20 amp for dining area
One 15 amp lighting circuit; under cab. LEDs; sink pendant (60 watt+/-); 2x2 cloud fluorescent

My wifes collection of small (...)
Re: PVC Conduit Ambient Temperature Limitation
Posted by twh:
75c at 12-1104(1).
Re: Minimum height for disconnect on mobile home
Posted by sparkync:
Thanks Greg. I couldn't see that it was either.
Re: Floating Ground - device being tested or scope?
Posted by gfretwell:
I don't see the switch on the PM but our Tektronics scopes had the ability to invert and add channel 2. You could put ch2 on the hot common, invert/add and probe with 1. You then just see the differential signals without a ground reference
Re: fluorescent disconnects
Posted by ghost307:
I don't use the pins to check the alignment, but there are a couple of flattened spots where the metal end meets that glass that face straight down (or up) when the tube is rotated to the correct position that I use all the time.
Re: Wall Mounted Oven 4.1KW
Posted by SparksFlying:
Yes they only call for a 20ga and 20amp breaker but we are going with a 10ga/30amp and sleep well...'



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