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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: recall notice - Brewmaster Ceiling
Posted by sparkyinak:
recall notice
Re: Receptacle ground prong - Up, down, left, right...
Posted by gfretwell:
It seems that the T/R receptacles have pushed the Line and Neutral contacts farther back than before and the plug has to be inserted within the last 1/4" to get power. I have wondered how much this affects long term reliability.
The ONE I have is used regularly with the vacuum so it will be a (...)
Re: What's behind the door???
Posted by HotLine1:
Sorry guys, I did not have any time to get to this site this week.
Re: Have you ever had one of those jobs.....
Posted by HotLine1:
A case of the EMT doing the 'n' job!

I had a 120 volt circuit that had only one (1) THHN conductor. On the cb, and on the receptacle, the 'n' of the receptacle was bonded to the 4 sq box, the EMT to the panel. Worked fine for a while until the loose setscrew couplings started arcing!! (...)
Re: Working with a plumber
Posted by HotLine1:
No further comments are requested. Thanks.
Re: Hazardous locations
Posted by HotLine1:
IMHO, again I suggest contact your local AHJs. Particularly, the Fire Official.

The equipment that is intended to dispense the diesel will come with mfg instructions.
Re: clearance from gas meter and regulator
Posted by renosteinke:
Greg, it's not a question of the meter "leaking." Rather, it's a concern over the gas that is naturally released as part of the operation of the regulator, or if the diaphragm in the regulator should fail.

Keep in mind that the regulator at the meter is there to reduce the pressure from the (...)
Re: No AFCI's in NH
Posted by sparky:
I am glad to see you're interested Hot One.

This is all so controversial , but it needs to be aired

And i guess the only way it's going to get around is this mode of communication

Re: Norwegian power?
Posted by dsk:
It's interesting, and I'm learning a lot too. I have designed,(and partly built) units for export to USA, Australia, and other countries. Only the US marked has been a challenge because of their own standards so different from Europe.... or actually not when you learn it to know. Most US (...)


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