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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Has anyone heard from Frenchie?
Posted by sparkyinak:
Re: A Letter to the IAEI
Posted by NORCAL:
Originally Posted By: shortcircuit
They got one of them for stealing...


Not Good.

That was a IBEW official, not IAEI.
Re: Solar: The Ghost of Carter
Posted by HotLine1:

I have only seen one solar 'solicitor' knocking at my door.

We have 'solar snipers' that are in the big box stores, on the outside of 'Best Buys' (Electronics), and at the local minor league baseball field.
Re: Generator Success
Posted by Texas_Ranger:
Originally Posted By: ghost307
Sounds like a really weird system.
Makes you wonder why some people insist on reinventing the wheel.

Absolutely! Apparently they were worried about the small main loop (restricted by the size of the abandoned chimney flue they pulled the pipes through) so they (...)
Re: Corridor Lighting - Title 24 (2013)
Posted by HotLine1:
Welcome to ECN forums.

As Ghost said, the local AHJ is a good first step.

Also, you may try a PM to Scott35 here, as he is a West Coast (Ca) guy, and may be a great help.
Re: Designing for Power Outages
Posted by gfretwell:
Most cheap UPS units run in "bypass" mode when utility power is present so the isolation is not as good as you would think.
PCs are pretty much immune to most power line problems anyway. It is the other stuff you plug in that kills them, usually the phone line. We also had problems with LAN (...)
Re: Fluke 1735 and Neutral to Ground Voltages
Posted by Potseal:
Thanks for the feedback. I will post back if something comes of this situation.
Re: Windows 10, who's upgraded?
Posted by twh:
A search of wma and drm comes up with SoundTaxi. The key words on the page are "convert WMA to MP3".
Re: How many Receptacles In A Bedroom?
Posted by gfretwell:
The problem for me is phones and tablets. You really can't see any of our PC system units anyway.
I had a couple of USB wall warts plugged in and there was no place to plug anything else in so I ended up with a cube tap and 2 wall warts. It looked like the Chevy Chase Christmas to my wife and (...)


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by: Dynamotech

Description: Retro light fixture adapter made by a company that uses an 'F' as a logo. Does anyone know what company made these devices? I have so many of them laying around.
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