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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Memorial Day
Posted by HotLine1:
Very well said!!!!

Be safe, enjoy, and......remember & honor the day!
Re: New Zealand is an interesting place
Posted by Texas_Ranger:
Single phase is fairly uncommon in Germany but main switches over there usually only switch the phases and not the neutral. In Austria I've never seen a main switch, usually the RCD performs that function (theoretically you're supposed to have more than one to prevent the whole place from (...)
Re: Buzzing Led Recessed trims
Posted by gfretwell:
Dimmers do put out an ugly wave and another brand/type of dimmer might work better but you just may have lights that do not like to be dimmed. I have seen incandescents that set up quite a sing too
Re: Can two gfci share the same neutral
Posted by brsele:
Check with your inspector if he'll allow two 15A GFCI receptacles. I'm assuming that this is for a kitchen.

Re: job description for physo therapist evaluation
Posted by gfretwell:
I think you almost need to use the OSHA standards for weights you might need to carry. Some large equipment can get pretty heavy. The job varies a lot between what a residential guy does compared to big commercial and maintenance that it is hard to make a hard and fast rule.
He would be (...)
Re: An Amazing Visit to City Hall
Posted by HotLine1:
Job was some PVC at 2" deep at best. Into 4" round FS boxes, with a duplex receptacle (5-15), no cover. Guys there had no clue of voltage, etc.

Believe it or not, they are going to the Board of Appeals over the Violation Notice!

How's this Reno??
Re: burial depth
Posted by HotLine1:
And....it' zip cord!!
Re: Supporting service drop question.
Posted by HotLine1:

Please make sure you check with the serving utility (POCO) for any spec they have.

As to thebraces, back when TV antennas were popular, along with CB antennas, a place like radio Shack (or equal) had antenna tripods that you could easily adapt. Most had an ERTL label on them!!

I've seen (...)
Re: Sub panel
Posted by sparkync:
Thanks Greg. Yes I'll probably go with the main breaker. I agree. Cuts down on confusion.


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