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The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry.

Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Re: Looking for a new truck
Posted by sparkyinak:
Had to beat a cargo van. I'm currently using a 2012 one ton cargo van and has done me good so far. You may not need the one ton chassis but I did and it has been used several times for large capacity batteries and packed to the gills with big spools of wire and such
Re: Burnt meter leads testing receptacle voltage
Posted by mbhydro:
Potseal, how many of the cover flaps on the receptacles have you seen broken off?

Here in Manitoba I have seen enough that I wonder why we just don't install standard interior wall plates. I don't know if its the -40 in the winter or the scorching sun in the summer that takes a toll on them.
Re: Markings required on Disconnects, OCD,ect
Posted by HotLine1:

IMHO, the circuit ID at receptacles, etc. is a design/spec item. I can't cite anything within the NEC.

The spec for the hospital in my town requires circuit/panel ID on all receptacles, switches, data/comm jacks, etc. The data center also has the same spec, as do some other commercial (...)
Re: Circuit Breaker temperature ratings and the CEC
Posted by twh:
I would have guessed 12 AWG per 14-104(2). Because the ampacity in Table 2 is 20 amps subject to note referring to 14-104, which states that a conductor on a 20 amp breaker must be #12, I wouldn't think you could use that ampacity without applying the associated rule.

Perhaps we can look for (...)
Re: Panel fillers
Posted by Potseal:
I would contact the electrical inspector if you have doubts.

Anecdotal story somewhat related to your question...

I had to quickly come up with a method of isolation before attaching a terminal block to the inside of a transformer housing. I used a thick piece of Bakelite out of an old (...)
Re: C of Q 442A Industrial Electrician Exam
Posted by cyrus4255:
Hello I arrived in Ontario six months ago,I qualify to take the examination for 442A Industrial Electrician C of Q. Any ideas about the exam is most appreciated thanks a lot..
Re: Specific wiring features in Arctic conditions
Posted by twh:
I wonder if some information can flow in the other direction.

I work in a place where we get below -30c only a couple weeks per year and hit -40c/-40F only for a day or two. Those are the worst days of my life.

Do you have any tips for clothing? How about fire retardant clothing that needs to (...)
Re: KWH readings, line and load side of transformer
Posted by ghost307:
Be sure that he doesn't make a profit on the resale of electricity. Even if it's an honest mistake you risk being on the wrong side of the law.
Their best bet would be to contact the local Utility to make sure that they're allocating the electric costs properly and within the rules.
Here in (...)
Re: Ground testing
Posted by junben:
I know this is an old post but I thought I'd update that broken link up there. Here is the pdf from Tradeport Electronics. Cheers!



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by: ElectricalEd

Description: While having a 3 way switch capped in main breaker panel might be up to code, it is not the best way to do it. Do you agree? I would prefer a junction box be put on side of breaker panel for the splice as a minimum. Making sure it is out of panel reduces unnecessary risk the white wire marker will fall off or be forgotten and the handyman in the panel makes a fatal mistake with the white wire in picture.
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